At first, I simply wanted to share my thoughts on a few topics related to my work, trying to be consistent with one subject: Urban/Land Planning. The more I was filling my post to-do list up, the more I realized my blog range of study was going to be wider than I’ve anticipated. So, what to expect?

Transportation and traffic, people’s behavior, technology, and more. All this could be interesting to Architects, Engineers, and all the professionals that have to do with creating, maintaining and improving places that we all live in.

Why? I just think it is intriguing to watch everything that surrounds us from the top. Try it with this picture below. I took last year in Chicago, on top of the Willis Tower, the tallest building in North America.


Once I had the chance to open the image on a computer scree, I was able to observed the city life closely.


What you see is traffic, buildings, landscape, and roads. In essence People, Places and Links: Urban Connections.

I grew up and completed my education in Italy, traveled through Europe and finally moved to the United States. So naturally, I have a lot to say about what I saw with an engineer’s eyes but at the same time from a regular resident’s point of view. I know that I will not be able to help myself and I will constantly point out the differences between Europe and the United States. It’s part of learning: starting from what you are familiar with to be able to discover and learn something new.

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